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ePayments Upgrade

Published Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Council has successfully upgraded their "Pay It Online" service to provide greater protection for credit/debit card users when making payments for Council Services.

The new service is now 3D Secure Compliant and provides a further level of customer authentication against credit/debit card payments and is seen as a further level of online security in the fight against fraud. This is a Payment Card Industry standard.

For those customers who pay regularly by credit/debit card using the "Pay It Online" service you will see two screens when inputting your card payment details. The first screen will ask you to identify the card provider for your payment eg Mastercard, Visa. The second screen will ask you to input your card details.

The "Pay It Online" service may direct you to the card issuer website (eg Natwest, Lloyds Bank) to activate your card to 3D secure compliance once you have entered your card details.

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