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It’s ‘get – tough’ on zig-zags at the school gates

Published Friday, 19 September 2014

Drivers who endanger children by stopping on the zig zag lines outside schools in Enfield are being targeted in a hard hitting campaign.

Enfield Council’s parking enforcement and road safety officers are teaming up with local police officers to warn drivers of the dangers of stopping on the zig-zag lines outside schools.

During September, six Enfield schools will be visited at morning drop off times and in the afternoons. Parents who drive their children to and from school will be handed leaflets and advised about the campaign.

The schools are: Carterhatch Primary School, Carterhatch Lane; Forty Hall Primary, Forty Hill and Raglan School, Amberley Road all in Enfield; Prince Of Wales School and Chesterfield Infants School in Chesterfield Road both at Enfield Lock and Raynham School, Raynham Avenue in Edmonton.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety, Chris Bond, said, “The safety of our children should be a priority for everyone. We have already put in place 20mph zones around schools to make things safer and to encourage more children to walk to school.

“Most parents that drive their children to school park responsibly. However, a small minority insist on stopping as close as possible to the school gates, putting other children at risk.

“It is only common sense to park a good distance from the school gates to avoid children who may suddenly dart out behind or in front of a car. Posters near to schools will remind parents about the safety precautions.

“Unfortunately the six schools under scrutiny have some very real parking problems and we need to get tough with the drivers who ignore the zig-zags.

“In the first week of the campaign, officers will be advising parents at a different school each day and in the second week on their unannounced visits they will issue penalty notices to all vehicles found on zig-zag lines.

“This is a determined effort to ensure that everyone obeys these strict safety regulations. If they don’t, they will receive a fixed penalty notice of £110.”

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