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New Conservation Area hits town

Published Tuesday, 02 March 2010

Enfield Council has brought in a new Conservation Area in order to protect the borough’s heritage.

The Lakes Estate Conservation Area, which is situated just down from Broomfield Park in Palmers Green, is an area of particular historical interest.  The houses are mostly closely spaced Edwardian semi-detached pairs with some small terraces.

The area benefits from being both close to Broomfield Park and Palmers Green station, and this justified building some of the largest and smartest houses in the area.

The special architectural and historic character of the Conservation Area derives primarily from the uniform nature of its high quality Edwardian housing.

To protect these special houses the Conservation Area requires householders to seek planning permission for small works which normally do not require the Council's involvement. Such works usually are the installation of poor quality windows and doors, the loss of front gardens to off street parking, and changes to front walls / fencing etc...

Cllr Michael Lavender, Cabinet Member for Place Shaping said "It is just these kinds of developments, such as poor quality window replacements, loft conversions and the loss of front gardens that can erode the character and quality of an area.

"By bringing in Conservation Areas we can ensure that each development is in keeping with its surroundings, and if changes are made they are done to a high quality standard and in keeping with neighbouring properties and the area."

Letters have been sent to all residents and businesses in the area, who have been given until the 12th March to make their views known about final boundary changes and designations.

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