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Enfield Council bring in Digital Champions

Published Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Did you know that 9 million people in the UK have never used the internet, and that three in five people aged 65 or over have never gone online? This puts them at a considerable disadvantage at a time when digital technology has become central to so many aspects of our lives, everything from shopping, banking and paying bills, to social activities and accessing public services.

Digital champions

To address this Enfield Council is training key frontline staff in Enfield Civic Centre and John Wilkes House to be ‘Digital Champions’ to help members of the public when they come in to access help online.

Digital Champions are on hand to assist anyone with activities such as setting up emails, using the council’s website, register for a ‘My Enfield’ account, paying bills or applying for services online, and much more.

Full trained in all aspects of Enfield Council’s website, and highly knowledgeable on our online services, Digital Champions are always ready to help!

This week James Rolfe, Director of Finance, Resources and Customer Services and Cllr Achilleas Georgiou, the Deputy Leader of Enfield Council came to see for themselves some of the Digital Champions in action at Enfield Civic Centre.

Cllr Georgiou said “So many council services can be requested so easily simply by the click of a mouse, or by using a smartphone or other device. However I am concerned how many people are missing out because they do not feel comfortable using computers or the internet.

“In the Civic Centre people are queuing to pay their bills manually when it is completely unnecessary, all bills to Enfield Council can be paid online from your home, or by our automatic pay machines, there is absolutely no need to wait at all.

“But we understand that some people may need a little help, and that’s what the Digital Champions are all about. Look out for them in the Civic Centre or John Wilkes House, please ask if you are not sure.”

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