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Vehicle crime clampdown biting

Published Wednesday, 02 July 2014

Ninety five people have been arrested for a range of offences since Enfield Council and the Metropolitan Police joined forces and launched Operation Spyder to clamp down on vehicle crime.

The campaign aims to reduce motor vehicle crime by increasing public awareness through crime prevention, working with businesses and individuals and arresting and disrupting offenders who are involved in the theft of or the theft from cars, vans and other modes of transport. 
As well as the arrests, the campaign has resulted in 181 fewer crimes being committed between January and June 2014 compared with the same period last year. 
Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: “We’ve made significant strides in reducing vehicle crime in Enfield since we launched Operation Spyder but we can’t be complacent and we’d urge motorists to be vigilant and take sensible precautions to reduce the likelihood of them becoming victims of crime. 
“It’s really important that people take steps to keep their vehicles secure, criminals are lazy and opportunistic and if they think it’s going to be too much bother to break into a vehicle, or there isn’t anything to steal then they won’t bother.” 
Police estimate it can take as little as 10 seconds to break into a car but motorists can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of vehicle crime by:

• Leaving nothing on view, including cash, credit cards, chequebook, mobile phones, vehicle documents, your keys or other valuables in the car.
• Never leaving valuable items in your car, including sunglasses, the removable radio cover or Sat Nav.
• Wiping the Sat Nav marks from your windscreen.
• Fitting anti-tamper screws to your number plates.
• Never leaving your car keys where they can be seen from the front door.
• Closing the windows and sunroof; locking the doors and activating any security devices when leaving your car unattended.
• Parking with care, particularly at night or if you are leaving the vehicle for a long time. If possible, park in a busy, well-lit area.
• Never leave your car and windows unlocked.
One prolific car thief recently told police officers that if people were "stupid enough to leave their cars unlocked" he'd have a look inside for things to steal..
Detective Inspector Greg Coates, from Enfield’s Neighbourhood and Partnership Unit, said: “Since hearing the statement from the known car thief, officers on my team have proactively targeted the individual and he has now been arrested and is in custody awaiting sentence. and is likely to receive an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) to restrict his future activities. We will continue to use a variety of tactics to pursue those engaged in motor vehicle crime."
Motorists can also take advantage of a number of events where the number plate screws will be changed free of charge with tamperproof screws.
The events are taking place at all of the following locations between 12-4pm.
14 July - Southbury Retail Parks - Sainsbury's Crown Road
15 July - Co-op Hertford Rd, EN3  (opposite Ordnance Road)
16 July – IKEA, Edmonton 
17 July - Ponders End Tesco car park 12-2pm and Asda car park 2-4pm.

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