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Dispersal zone extended

Published Thursday, 26 June 2014

The dispersal zone covering Enfield Town has been extended until December as part of ongoing efforts to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.

anti social behaviour

It was originally introduced by Enfield Council and the Metropolitan Police following requests from businesses and shoppers in Enfield Town to tackle low level crimes such as shop lifting and anti-social behaviour being committed by a small minority of people.
 The zone, which will now expire in 8 December 2014, required council and police agreement and gives police the power to disperse groups they think are intent on causing trouble.  If they return within 24 hours they face arrest and possible prosecution, children under the age of 16 can be escorted home to their parents if they are unaccompanied and misbehaving.
Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: "This zone was been introduced as a direct result of Enfield Council and the Metropolitan Police listening to shop keepers' concerns and then doing something about them.
 "We are determined to keep our town centres safe, clean and inviting places where people want to come and shop, we will not allow a small minority to drive away shoppers and jeopardise our businesses' livelihoods by behaving abysmally.

"So far this zone has successfully brought down levels of anti-social behaviour and extending it over the summer period will mean our town centre will remain a safe and pleasant place for people to visit for shopping, recreation and leisure purposes."
Supt Louis Smith from Enfield Police, said: "This dispersal  zone shows that we will not tolerate bad behaviour in Enfield and we will react quickly and effectively to tackle problems wherever they arise in this borough.
 "Anyone suspected of planning to cause trouble will be moved on immediately by officers and they will be arrested if they return within 24 hours, anyone under 16 who we suspect of being up to no good will have the chance to explain to their parents why they've had to be removed from the town centre."
 Other initiatives introduced by the partnership in recent months includes extra CCTV cameras, and close working with parents where young people have been involved in Anti Social Behaviour or crime.

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