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Deaf Area Forum leads to increased Fire Safety

Published Friday, 24 January 2014

Enfield Council’s first ever Deaf Area Forum has led to 12 new referrals for special fire alarms to be fitted into deaf and hearing impaired people’s homes.

One of the items of the Forum, which was held especially for the deaf community last November, was raising awareness of the danger of house fires and how deaf and hearing impaired people could be alerted to the danger of fire in their homes. A presentation was given by the London Fire Brigade urging the community to get fitted with the alarms.

These alarms alert people to fire using signals other than sound, and the fitting will be completed by a fire officer who has been trained in signing.

Cllr Achilleas Georgiou, Deputy Leader of Enfield Council said “The Deaf Area Forum was a huge success, and shows a real appetite for special meetings which cater for the deaf community.

“The presentation by the London Fire Brigade on fire safety for those who are deaf or hearing impaired was particularly useful, and I am delighted to see that it has resulted in so many people getting a free bespoke fire alarm fitted to their home.

“We are looking into doing more of these special Area Forums in the future as we are always looking into new ways to get more people involved in the democratic process.”

If you want to enquire about getting a special alarm fitted and are deaf or hearing impaired please e-mail Email with your name and address and a time you can be contacted.

The Fire Brigade are attending all Area Forums to speak on Fire Safety.

If you would like a free fire alarm fitted and are not deaf or hearing impaired please go online Fire

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