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Cabinet to consider CPO for Alma

Published Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Enfield Council’s Cabinet has approved the preparation of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for the Alma Estate Regeneration project at its meeting on Wednesday 22 January.

The order would ensure the council can obtain vacant possession of all the land and property within the regeneration area so that the scheme can proceed to deadline.

The CPO would allow Enfield Council to use its powers to purchase properties if a negotiated settlement with leaseholders and commercial lessees cannot reached.

Countryside Properties is the council’s selected development partner for the Alma Estate and through contractual agreements the council must secure vacant passion of the site on a phased basis.

Enfield’s Cabinet Members are being asked to authorise council officers to prepare a ‘Statement of Reasons’ to support the need for CPO powers which must be approved by the government.

There are 135 residential leaseholders remaining on the estate and 12 commercial properties. Letters have been sent to all of them to advise them of the council’s intention to purchase their properties and assuring them they will be offered a fair price, slightly above market rate, for them.

Thirty five property purchases have already been completed and a further 15 offers have been accepted.

Cllr Ahmet Oykener, Enfield’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We are in the process of buying all 170 leaseholds on the Alma estate so the regeneration scheme can progress promptly and to our deadline.

“We’re offering leaseholders and commercial lessees a good deal and we want to come to a voluntary agreement with them, but if we’re unable to do so we need this CPO to progress the project and free up the land we need for development.

“We are also developing a ‘Framework for Leaseholders’ which will be helpful in our negotiations because it demonstrates we are making every effort to be fair and offer support and information to leaseholders.

• Resident leaseholders can expect offers of market value plus 10% and all legal and arrangement fees paid.

• Non-resident leaseholders (investor landlords) can expect offers of market value plus 7.5% and all fees paid.

• A typical three bedroom maisonette on the Alma Estate is valued at £165,000.

• The council does have legal powers to make Compulsory Purchase Orders if necessary.

• Leaseholders remain on three of the estate renewal sites: At Ladderswood the council has purchased 39 residential leases with five remaining to be bought back.

• On Alma 35 of the 170 residential leases have been purchased; 135 remain to be bought back.

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