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News published February 2012

Council Tax freeze to be confirmed

Published: 28 February 2012

Enfield Council has confirmed that there will be no increase in Council Tax levels next year.

Residents asked - Can Chase Farm survive without it's A&E

Published: 28 February 2012

Enfield Council's Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel is asking residents.

Residents urged - Back Fairtrade shops and produts in Enfield

Published: 28 February 2012

Enfield Council is urging residents to support shops and businesses who sell and endorse Fairtrade products in the borough.

Central Government anti-spitting ruling awaited.

Published: 28 February 2012

Enfield Council is awaiting Government permission to ban spitting in the Borough.

Andrew Stafford - Labour Councillor

Disused hostels sold to increase housing

Published: 24 February 2012

Enfield Council has successfully sold four unused hostels for a total of £5,739,000.

Power of Dreams final sees talent at its best

Published: 22 February 2012

Twelve talented finalists competed in three categories in front of a full and enthusiastic audience at Millfield Arts Centre last Wednesday to be crowned the winner of the ‘Power of Dreams Final’.

Enfield’s finest talent gather to battle it out

Published: 03 February 2012

Wednesday 15th February sees 12 acts involving young people fight it out for the title of the winner of Enfield Council’s Power of Dreams competition. Auditions have already taken place to find the most talented singer, dancer or rap artist in the borough, and this event is the finale where the best will battle it out. Over 300 people are expected to pack the audience.

Residents urged to complete crime survey

Published: 02 February 2012

Enfield Council and police are urging residents to complete this year's Crime Survey and help the borough make sure its resources are being directed at the right types of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Teenager becomes first person in the UK to be jailed for Gang Injunction breach

Published: 02 February 2012

An Edmonton teenager was jailed for 15 months on Wednesday at West London County Court for breaching the terms of a gang injunction.

Don’t see your money go up in smoke

Published: 02 February 2012

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health but perhaps what is less well known is how much smoking may cost financially. At about £7.00 for 20 (35p per cigarette) even 10 a day will cost £24.50 a week or £1,274 a year. Even at the lowest rate of income tax of 20% that means you have to earn £1,530 to smoke 10 cigarettes a day.


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