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Baby naming

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Welcome to the World

A Naming Ceremony is a very special way to celebrate the birth of your baby. It can also take place when couples have re-married or entered into a new relationship and wish to welcome children from a previous relationship into their new family.

  • What is a Naming Ceremony?

    It's a special way for parents, family and friends to celebrate the birth of a new baby or welcome an adopted child or stepchild. It's also a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they offer love and support for your child's future development.

  • What is the difference between a Naming Ceremony and a traditional Christening? 

    A Naming Ceremony has no legal status. They do not contain any religious references. They are simply something that you, as parents, choose to do as a public gesture of love and commitment to your child. 

    Naming ceremonies are for parents who do not wish to have a traditional religious christening or baptism at a church, but would still like to have a special celebration for their child.

  • Can the Naming Ceremony be for more than one child? And is there an age limit? 

    A Naming ceremony can be held for more than one child within the same family.  

    There is no age limit - children of any age can be included. 

  • What does a Naming Ceremony involve?

    A Naming ceremony has six elements.

    • An introduction and welcome;
    • Readings;
    • Naming your Child or Children;
    • Parents Promises;
    • Promises by Supporting Adults;
    • Signing of the Commemorative certificate;
    • Closing words.

    You can also choose to add any of the following

    • Reasons for the Names;
    • Parents Vows for each other;
    • Grandparents options;
    • Include absent friends and family. 
  • How can I make my Naming Ceremony unique? 

    These are just some suggestions for you to consider.

    You can personalise your ceremony with music of your choice;                    

    Give a special gift to your child (or children) to mark the end of the ceremony. It does not have to be expensive, rather just something your child can treasure in years to come;

    Choose your supporting adults with care. Ideally they should be people that see your child or children regularly and have a positive influence in their life. Being asked to be a Supportive Adult - or mentor - is an honour but the role carries responsibilities.

  • Where can I hold the Naming Ceremony?

    Ceremonies can be held at the Admiral's Suite, Gentleman's Row, or at a suitable licensed venue of your choice.  

    A Naming Ceremony can also be held after a marriage ceremony, so you can have both ceremonies on the same day. 

  • How do I arrange a Naming Ceremony?  

    • Firstly, decide where you want to hold your ceremony;
    • Select a date, but also decide on an alternative if your first choice is unavailable;
    • Consider music, readings and family contributions to make your day really special;
    • Contact us to book a celebrant to officiate at the ceremony and to book an appointment about a month before your ceremony to discuss all of your requirements.
  • How much does a Naming Ceremony cost?  

    A list of our fees

    From the 1 April 2014 we can only accept payment by debit/credit card. No Cash

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