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Tree Preservation Orders

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How to carry out tree works


Step One -  Find out if the tree or group of trees:

  • Belongs to the Enfield Council; or
  • Is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO); or
  • Lies within a Conservation Area

Visit the Council's online mapping service for information on TPO trees and Conservation Areas in Enfield.

We have plotted all TPO trees in Enfield on specific property sites although the details of the original Orders are not available online yet.

If you wish to obtain a hard or faxed copy of the original TPO, contact Land Charges. A small charge applies.

If you doubt a specific tree is protected by a TPO, contact Development Management, who will check the Council records.

A tree may have additional protection from an earlier planning approval. Therefore, you should check a site's planning history and the conditions imposed on any consent, particularly where the tree(s) is/are on a large site.

Search Planning History

Step Two -  If the trees are protected or lie within a Conservation Area, you need to get the council's consent by applying for tree worksYou can:

How we reach a decision

We will notify neighbours, including those closest to the property boundary. We may also consult other appropriate consultees, such as the Arboricultural Officer and the Environment Agency if the tree lies within eight metres of a watercourse; if the property is in a Conservation Area, we may consult local preservation societies or interest groups.

A Planning Officer will visit the site to assess the proposal; he may ask for more information from you or your representative (this can be an Arboriculturalist whom you have appointed to carry out the work).

Neighbours and consultees are given 21 days to respond. Therefore, we cannot respond to your application in less than 21 days, unless the tree is dead, dying or diseased.

How long it will take to process your application

We aim to make a decision within eight weeks. If the trees are in a Conservation Area, we aim to give a decision within six weeks.

We would either allow tree works to proceed or impose a TPO on the tree.

Receiving the decision

We will notify you of the decision through a Decision Notice, which may include conditions. You can only carry out the work after receiving the Decision Notice, and according to the conditions set out in the Notice.

You need to notify us when works (including replanting) are completed; the form for this is included in the Notice.

This page was last updated on 25-Apr-2014.

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