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Controlled Parking Zones

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Apply for/renew a Permit

To find out more about how to apply for and renew a permit, and how to use the permits, you can refer to our Controlled Parking Zone in Enfield leaflet.

Anyone wishing to obtain a resident permit must show proof of residency (dated within the most recent three months) and proof of vehicle ownership in the form of the vehicle registration document. These documents will also be required when renewing a permit.

Please note that permits cannot be cancelled online. If you wish to cancel a permit, you need to contact Crown Road on 020 8443 0602 (open 24hrs).

The Council does not currently issue renewal reminder letters to permit holders.

The Council no longer issues refunds by cheque. Payment will be made directly to your bank account if the following details are provided:

  • Account holder name
  • Account number
  • Bank sort code

For more details about resident permits and other permits please see the leaflet referred to above.

Visitor scratch card permits for one-hour CPZs need to be validated according to the zone time - i.e. either am (8am-12 noon) or pm (12 noon to 6.30pm).

Visitor scratch card permits for full-day CPZ - i.e. Palmers Green, Southgate, Enfield and Enfield College must be validated as follows:

Enfield & Palmers Green - am (8am-2pm) and pm (12 noon-6.30pm)

Enfield College & Southgate - am (9am-2pm) and pm (12noon-6.30pm)

North Middlesex Hospital - am (9am-2pm) and pm (12noon-8.30pm) everyday


For further information please click on the links below:

CPZ Information, Operational times, Residents, Business and Visitors Permits

Permit Charges

Permit Charges based on Co2 Emmissions

Application form

Enfield permit gateway (renewals, application form, change name/vehicle, accept offer, cancel permit)


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