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Community Learning with Enfield Libraries

Community Learning and Enfield Libraries

Our 'Community Learning' programme is based upon two free web based learning resources that between them have almost 100 courses and study aids.

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Learn my way

Starting from the very basic, if you want to learn how to use a computer, keyboard, mouse, Internet (using Learn My Way - Free Introductory sessions available at all Enfield Libraries) to self learning intermediate - advanced courses on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Touch-typing, health and safety, financial and business resources (using Alison) 



All Enfield Libraries are UK Online Centres. Learn My Way is the self-tuition IT programme that we use to help people get started with IT. It has over 25 courses to choose from. By registering with Learn my way you will be registering with E-Government, so it's important to remember your user name and password because you will need your user name & password if you need to access other E-Government services such as renewing passports / driving licences online. You can register with Learn My Way from home or at any Enfield Library:

So how can you benefit from Community Learning?

Community Learning maximises your choices of courses available and enables you to access them from any Enfield Library or from the comfort of home (if you have an internet connection).

By using Learn My Way and Alison courses, you can apply for a Community Learning Library Card which entitles you to an additional hour per day on any library PC to follow a learning session.

Can I still get help from library staff?


A 'One to one staff introductory session' is available at all libraries. This hour 'introductory session' is exclusively aimed at helping you register with Learn my Way and giving you a flavour for the programme. This first introductory / registration session is free.

If you require extra staff sessions again exclusively with Learn My Way it will cost £5.00 per hour (£2.50 conc. for 1 hour).

Can Library staff help me with Alison programmes?

We do not offer any other types of one to one staff introductory sessions.


We hope by having a Community learning library ticket and this Community learning library page we will give you a greater choice of quality free IT training programmes, These programmes are especially useful for those wishing to learn how to use computers and the benefits that having IT access can provide.

Other resources that you may wish to use:

Theroy Test Pro 

Driving Theory Pro - Pass first time


citizen logoGo Citizen - Citizenship test training

Theory Pro / Go Citizen: Easy to use help if you are either learning to drive (theory and hazard perception test for cars and motorcycles) or sitting citizenship tests free of charge.

Or use any of our Virtual Library online resources.

or if you need help with your English or Maths

Useful practice website links:

If you have started using Learn My Way and feel you need a

little extra practice in between your Learn My Way sessions

try these useful websites. They are also all free,

you can use either in the library or in the comfort of your own home.

General beginners guide to a computer ...

Beginners guide to using a mouse...

Beginners guide to a computer keyboard ...

Intermediate guide to typing...

Intermediate / advanced how to...

Once you have mastered typing and using the mouse, Alison and Learn my Way  also have 100s of courses to get you up to speed using the internet or practicing Word, spreadsheets, Powerpoint and much much more. If you need extra 1 to 1 help a list of IT tutors and courses in the borough can be found here

It's never too late to learn, the hardest bit is starting...

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