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Historical searches and requesting copy birth certificates

The Enfield Registration Service offers a replacement certificate ordering service for births that occurred in the London Borough of Enfield since 1837.

A certified copy birth certificate can issued by the Register Office in the district where the event occurred. You must be able to supply the full name at birth, date of birth and the name of the hospital or address where the birth occurred to enable us to search for the required entry.

  • What if I do not know all of the details?

    If you are not sure about some details, such as when and where an event occurred, then it may not be possible to locate the entry you are looking for.

    For example if you only know that the event occurred in Edmonton, but don't know the name of the hospital, then your entry may be held at another register office as Edmonton district records are held at several different register offices. In these instances, we recommend that you contact the General Register Office as they hold all of the birth, death and marriage records for England and Wales . Please telephone 0300 123 1837 for more information.

  • Does it help if I've got a volume and page number?

    Unfortunately, the volume and page numbers refer to the records held at the General Register Office only. They do not help us locate an entry at the Enfield Register Office.

  • Can I carry out my own search?

    Yes - you can carry out your own general search of our Birth Indexes.

    Please contact us to book an appointment. A fee applies for all general searches. You will need to know the names and dates of the entries you are searching for.

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