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Blue Badge scheme

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Information about the Blue Badge Scheme

Warning Fraudulent Website

A number of citizens have contacted us about websites offering services to assist customers in applying for a Blue Badge.

These sites are not associated with the either Enfield Council or the Blue Badge Improvement Service/Directgov website.

It is not necessary to apply for a Blue Badge through this site or any similar, as applications can be made for free at Enfield Council

The Blue Badge scheme provides parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties so that they can leave their vehicles close to shops or other places they need to visit.  A badge will only be issued if the Department of Transport criteria is met. It operates across the European Union and is regulated in the UK by the Department for Transport (DfT), which stipulates the qualifying categories.  

The blue badge can be used in any vehicle in which the holder is travelling; the holder does not have to be the driver. For more information about the Blue Badge Scheme go to the Blue Badge DfT website.

You will not be entitled to a blue badge if you:

  • have a learning disability or mental health problem (unless you have severe difficulty walking because of a permanent physical disability)
  • have a temporary disability, for example..... you are recovering from an operation or broken limb, or are waiting for an operation for hip or knee replacement.

The Concessionary Travel Team do not send out automatic reapplication reminders to current badge holders.  It is the badge holder's responsibility to reapply for a badge before expiry.

It is also the badge holder's responsibility to ensure that the badge is used correctly, to prevent misuse by another person and to keep the badge safe.

Please note  a badge holder can be  prosecuted and fined (up to £1,000) and/or have the badge withdrawn if they use it incorrectly or  allow someone else to misuse it.

Expired badges must be returned to the London Borough of Enfield.

Do I automatically qualify for Blue Badge?

Personal Independent Payment (PIP) and Eligibility for a Blue Badge - FAQ


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