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Problems with your landlord carrying out repairs?

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Help with Housing Repairs

Tenants renting from a private landlord have the right to enjoy living in their home, free from health and safety risks and to live in a home that is of a decent standard.

Many landlords are responsible and maintain their properties to a good standard.  Enfield Council promotes high standards for private landlords within the borough and for over 10 years has run a Responsible Landlords Accreditation Scheme. 

However, tenants need to bear in mind that a minority of landlords may act in a way that does not uphold good practice. If you are a private tenant and are having problems with disrepair to your home, we can offer you advice and support. Contact Enfield's Housing Enforcement team on 020 8379 1000, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

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