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Trent Country Park

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Ministries and Public Ownership

During World War II, the War Office requisitioned the house to interrogate prisoners of war, including Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess and General Wilhelm Von Thoma, captured at El Alemain.

After the war, the Ministry of Education used the house as an emergency teacher training centre and it later became a residential teacher training college.

In 1951 Middlesex County Council compulsorily purchased the entire Trent Park Estate to safeguard the Green Belt.

In 1965 the estate was divided between The London Borough of Enfield (college grounds) and The Greater London Council (parkland) and the area was opened to the public as Trent Country Park in March 1973. Following the demise of the Greater London Council (GLC) in 1986, the management of the park passed to The London Borough of Enfield. In 1974 the college was incorporated into Middlesex Polytechnic, now Middlesex University .

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