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Refunds, Absences and Cancellations

  • If we cannot provide the lessons (or hire) you have requested, we will return or refund any money you have paid.
  • If the instrumental teacher is absent and your child does not receive the number of lessons paid for in that term, you will automatically be refunded after the end of term.
  • 3 weeks advanced notice of absence (eg for a school trip, exam or work experience) is needed if students are to either to have their lesson re-organised or for a refund to be given.  This only applies to students having individual lessons or to all students in a group/pair.  Sorry but we can't make refunds if only one student is away from their group/paired lesson.
  • If lessons are cancelled after we have booked a teacher for your child but before the lessons start we will take a £10.00 cancellation fee from any money to be refunded.
  • If lessons are cancelled after the new term has started refunds are made at the discretion of Enfield Music Service.
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