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New National Curriculum

Proposals to reform the national curriculum, so that it is slimmer and focused on essential subject knowledge, were subject to public consultation which closed on 8 August 2013. The Government also confirmed (previously) that the majority of the current national curriculum would be disapplied from September 2013, in order to give schools more scope to prepare for the introduction of the new national curriculum from September 2014.

The teaching of all national curriculum subjects are to remain compulsory, but schools are able to choose to either follow the existing programmes of study or adjust them to support transition to the New National Curriculum. The regulations, which bring this change into effect have been laid before Parliament, came into force on 1 September 2013.

• This session will brief governors on the New National Curriculum.
• To understand the requirements of the revised national curriculum.

Expected Outcome:
Governors will be aware of and have some understanding of changes, which will enable them to better meet their statutory responsibilities to ensure delivery of a broad and balance curriculum.

  1. Induction for Governors Part 1 Autumn Term
  2. Induction for Governors Part 2 Autumn Term
  3. Induction for Governors Part 1 Summer Term
  4. Induction for Governors Part 2 Summer Term
  5. Governor Induction Refresher Autumn Term
  6. Vulnerable Children - Safeguarding Children and Child Protection
  7. Vulnerable Children - Looked After Children
  8. Vulnerable Children - Improving Pupil Attendance
  9. Vulnerable Children - Managing Behaviour
  10. Managing Exclusion Hearings
  11. Promoting Equality
  12. Health and Safety in Schools
  13. Special Educational Needs
  14. Able Pupils, Enrichment and Progression
  15. Sport in Enfield Schools
  16. New - Understanding the process of the Moderation of the Early years foundation stage Profile
  17. Enfield Chairs (and Aspiring Chairs) Leadership Development Programme
  18. Enfield Good Governance and Governance Quality Mark
  19. Introduction to Chairing
  20. You are here: New National Curriculum
  21. Fisher Family Trust Data Dashboard
  22. Understanding Data
  23. Headteacher Performance Management
  24. Schools Finance: Funding, Budget Monitoring and Financial Policy
  25. Schools Finance: Schools Financial Value Standard
  26. Staffing in Schools – Recruitment, Retention and Succession Planning
  27. Chair and Vice Chair Network Autumn Term
  28. Training and Development Governor Network Autumn Term
  29. Parent Governor Network Spring Term
  30. LA Governor Network Autumn Term
  31. Annual Governor Conference
  32. Governor Induction Refresher Spring Term
  33. Chair and Vice Chair Network Spring Term
  34. Training and Development Governor Network Spring Term
  35. Training and Development Governor Network Summer Term
  36. Parent Governor Network Summer Term
  37. LA Governor Network Summer Term
  38. Chair and Vice Chair Network Summer Term
  39. Level 1 – ‘Foundations of Good Governance’ Module 1; ‘Good Governance – Knowing my School’
  40. Level 1 – ‘Foundations of Good Governance’ Module 2; ‘School Data – What it all Means’
  41. Level 1 – ‘Foundations of Good Governance’ Module 3; ‘Managing the Budget – Value for Money’
  42. Level 2 - ‘Accredited Governance’ Module 4; ‘School Improvement – How Governors Contribute’
  43. Level 2 - ‘Accredited Governance’ Module 5; ‘RAISEing the Bar – Bringing Data to Life’
  44. Level 3 - ‘Leading Governance’ Module 6; ‘Accountability – The Value of Positive Challenge’
  45. Level 3 - ‘Leading Governance’ Module 7; ‘Managing Relationships – ‘We're in this together’
  46. Level 3 - ‘Leading Governance’ Module 8; ‘Inspection Ready – Waiting for the Phone Call’
  47. Heads and Chairs Leadership Seminar

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