Key Facts

Some Key Facts from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

This section has a list of key facts from Enfield's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA.) While not an exhaustive list, the facts below represent some notable findings of the JSNA process.

The factors taken into account in this section included:

  • Areas of identified health inequalities across Enfield;
  • Areas in which Enfield is performing less well compared to regional or national comparators, or performing well relative to the same comparators;
  • Areas with a notable improving or worsening trend in performance;
  • The wider determinants of health, which can impact on health and wellbeing;
  • Areas that could have a significant impact upon local service provision in coming years.

Key messages have been grouped under the five draft Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy priority areas:

  • Ensuring the best start in life;
  • Enabling people to be safe, independent and well by delivering high quality health and care services.
  • Creating stronger, healthy communities;
  • Narrowing the gap in healthy life expectancy;
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy choices.

Some points could potentially fit under more than one priority area.

The key facts have not been ranked.

We are currently consulting on the Enfield Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2014 - 2019. If you would like to take part in the consultation and share your views, please visit the Enfield Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2014 - 2019 consultation page.