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Glossary Terms - Letters P to T

  • Palliative Care - Area of healthcare that focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients. Often, but not exclusively associated with treatment of patients with life-threatening or terminal conditions.
  • PALS - Patient Advice & Liaison Service
  • PANSI - Projecting Adult Service Needs and Service Information System. A web-based resource focused on a range of population projections designed to help commissioners plan for future adult social care services.
  • Plateau - A period of stable performance - neither improving nor worsening.
  • POPPI - Projection Older People Population Information System.  A web-based resource focused on a range of population projections designed to help commissioners plan for future services for older people.
  • PPV - Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine. A vaccine offered to adults aged over 65 years, or those under 65 years of age in high risk groups to protect against Streptococcus pneumoniae infections.
  • Prevalence - Proportion of the population with existing disease at a given point in time.
  • Preventable Mortality - Deaths from a particular underlying cause, all or most of which (subject to age limits if appropriate) could be avoided with appropriate public health interventions.
  • Procurement - The acquisition of goods, services or works from an external source, based on organisational commissioning intentions.
  • QCA - Qualifications and Curriculum Authority – functions now split between Ofqual and the Standards and Testing Agency.
  • QOF - Quality and Outcomes Framework - a voluntary incentive scheme for GP practices in the UK, designed to improve quality and consistency of patient care.
  • Quintiles - When a data set is ranked in order from lowest to highest value, they can be divided into equal-sized groups. If divided into five groups, these are called 'quintiles', each representing 20% of the population.
  • SEN - Special Educational Needs. Children have a statement of special educational needs if they have a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made for them.
  • SOA - Super Output Areas. Geographical areas  designed to improve the reporting of small area statistics - either Lower Layer Super Output Areas or Middle Layer Super Output Areas
  • Subcutaneous fat - Fat that is stored directly under the skin.
  • Tenure -The legal status under which people have the right to occupy their accommodation for example, home-ownership or rented (private or social) housing.

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