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Hospitals and GP Practices

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GP practices and hospitals

GP practices are situated right across the London Borough of Enfield. These practices are grouped into four locality areas:

• North East Enfield

• South East Enfield

• North West Enfield

• South West Enfield.

As of April 2015, there are a total of 49 GP practices in the borough. At present, there are 320,100 people registered with these GP practices (Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), 2015).

Enfield also has three hospitals:

• Chase Farm Hospital

• North Middlesex Hospital

• St Michael’s Hospital.

GP practices and hospitals in Enfield

GP practices and hospitals in Enfield
Enlarge GP practices and hospitals in Enfield

Source: London Borough of Enfield

Of the 49 GP practices in Enfield, a number are single and two-handed practices and some operate on a part-time basis (London Borough of Enfield, 2014). All Enfield practices have a Patient Participation Group (PPG). These are practice-based patient groups which provide a partnership between patients and the GP practice, in order to improve services. Meetings are often chaired by a patient with support from the GP practice staff, but they can also be chaired by GPs, practice managers or nurses. However, some practices operate a “virtual” PPG group, in which patients are contacted by e-mail (Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (Enfield CCG), 2015). GP practices in Enfield range in size from about 2,100 to 18,600 patients, with only eight practices having a list size of over 10,000 patients. There are currently about 155,400 male and 164,700 female patients in Enfield, accounting for 49% and 51% of the total registered population respectively (HSCIC, 2015). However, taking account of the Borough’s growth agenda, the projected increase in population will create a need for roughly an additional 25 GPs, nurses and other primary care staff during the Infrastructure Delivery Plan period (up to 2026). GP services are not evenly spread across Enfield and improvements are required in access to services as well as the quantity and quality of infrastructure provision. In time, Enfield is likely to see a reduction in the number of small GP practice sites, as these are steadily replaced by larger, more suitable premises (London Borough of Enfield, 2014).

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