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Access to Public Transport

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An inability to travel from place to place can impact greatly upon the quality of an individual’s life. Limited access to transport can restrict people’s ability to access to employment, family or friends. In London, ownership of private vehicles is considerably lower than that seen nationally, and therefore many people rely upon the quality of the local public transport to help them move around their local, and wider, area.

London Borough of Enfield: Public Transport Accessibility Levels

London Borough of Enfield: Public Transport Accessibility Levels
Enlarge the map showing the Public Transport Accessibility Levels for Enfield

Source: Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy: 2010

The above map highlights access to public transport across the Borough. The darker colours indicate areas with poor access to public transport.

In the south east of the Borough, in the Lower Edmonton area, access is particularly good. Good access is also evident in the area to the south west of the Borough, around Bowes ward, in the centre of the Borough, in Town ward and in the east, around Ponders End ward.

Access to public transport appears to be scarcer in the northern parts of the Borough, particularly in Chase ward, and in the central wards of Winchmore Hill, Grange and Bush Hill Park.

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