Enfield Resources

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Enfield Resources, is an important part of the JSNA and is a consideration of the resources or ‘assets’ that the community as a whole can bring to bear on meeting the identified needs. This is only in part about money – although of course very substantial amounts of money are involved in the provision of health services locally and in the services provided or arranged through the local authority.

It provides a set of information about what is spent locally including in support of the diverse voluntary sector and includes other considerations, for example the substantial contribution made by unpaid family carers. However, over time this information will increasingly be developed to include consideration of the extent to which the local authority and the clinical commissioning group are able to influence individual behaviours and attitudes and to build ‘resilience’ within the community – resilience as illustrated by the strength of the systems of mutual support that enable communities to cope with challenges and in particular to cope with change. View the Enfield Strategic Partnership Community Cohesion Strategy.