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Area Forums

Your chance to get involved!

What is an Area Forum?
An Area Forum is a public meeting organised by the Council where you have the oppotunity to meet and speak to your Ward Councillor and representatives of other local public bodies such as the Metropolitan police. They provide a great platform for you to voice your local concerns to your local Councillor.

How many are there?
There are 7 Area Forums in total, with 3 wards being represented in each Forum. They meet every 3 months in local venues:

 Where does your Local Forum meet?

Who chairs them?
They are always chaired by a local Ward Councillor.

What gets discussed?
Councillors and local public bodies inform and consult on local issues including those raised in previous Forums. You have an opportunity to speak to them on issues related to improving your local area.

How many people attend?
On average 20 - 25 people attend each Area Forum. However, meetings of up to 60 people are not uncommon - the more the merrier.

Do the make a difference?
They can make a very real difference. All manner of local concerns on issues ranging from traffic lights to pot holes have been addressed over the last few years as a direct result of being raised in an Area Forum.

Why do your Councillors think Area Forums are important?
"This is a good opportunity to meet your Councillors and raise issues directly with them. I value the opportunity offered by the forums as one way to get resident feedback and help me take up the issues that really matter to local people."

"The Forum is a great opportunity to hear residents' views, and for them to get straight answers from Councillors and Council Officers. I've lost count of the number of local issues that have been raised and successfully resolved through my own Forum."

So come along and get your voice heard. For further details please call Corporate Scrutiny and Community Outreach on 020 8379 5119

This page was last updated on 06-Dec-2012.

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