Community Cohesion Strategy

Following an extensive consultation process, the Enfield Strategic Partnership agreed a Community Cohesion Strategy for Enfield, to run from 2010 called "Enfield Together." Our vision for this strategy was:

To build a borough which all people can identify with, feel proud of and where everyone is valued, built upon positive relationships within local communities, which create a sense of belonging.

To ensure the aims of the strategy were achieved an action plan was developed and lead officers, responsible for delivering these actions, reported back on progress up to March 2014. A monitoring report was produced which evidenced that the strategy was, on the whole, being successfully implemented.

Our vision and commitment to improve community cohesion in our borough remains the same. Enfield is a place that celebrates diversity and where most people get along. We will continue to build on our strengths and address the challenges that remain, working with both our residents and partners to help keep on improving Enfield as a place to live.