Sustainable Community Strategy

In 2007 we launched our first Sustainable Community Strategy, which set out our ten-year vision for the future of Enfield, describing how it would look and feel for all Enfield's communities by 2017. As a partnership it is our main ambition that Enfield has:

"A healthy, prosperous, cohesive community living in a borough that is safe, clean and green."

The Strategy was drawn up by the Enfield Strategic Partnership in order to demonstrate how local organisations are working together to make a difference and improve the quality of life in the borough by addressing important issues such as safety, health, education, housing, economic prosperity, transport and environmental sustainability.

In 2009, after consulting with key stakeholders and partners, we updated the strategy to ensure that it remained current. The partnership has already delivered real improvements, particularly in the most deprived parts of the borough. The revised Sustainable Community Strategy, "Enfield's Future 2009 - 2019" outlines some of our achievements and sets out how local organisations will continue to work together and co-ordinate their activities to realise our vision and deliver on our priorities to make our borough a place we can be proud of, a place people want to live, both now and in the future.