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Accessibility statement

Web Browsers

Our current suite of websites are enabled to work on all versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, we are working to ensure that any new developments are also compatible with Safari, Opera and Chrome browsers.


"The power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect." - Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

The Enfield council web team hope that whoever needs to use this site, can do so easily.

If you do have problems, or would like to make any suggestions to improve the site from an accessibility point of view, please get in touch with us. Talk to us about the problem and we will listen.


We have made every effort to ensure this web site is easily readable using 'plain english'. In addition, we have ensured that the design of this web site is not an obstacle to its usability and readability.

The Accessibility option at the top of each page allows you to create an alternative look and feel to every page on this web site. In addition, we have minimised the use of Javascript to almost zero, to ensure that all browsing media and devices are able to access the information on this site with ease.

The site is also designed to be easily printable - providing a simple, text based output onto paper.

Listen to this Site

At the top of each page of this site you will find a 'Listen' button which allows you to utilise our ReadSpeaker service.

ReadSpeaker allows the text on the website to be read out loud to you. It provides you assistance if you have trouble reading text online. By having the text read out loud to you, you can understand the information on the website more easily. This makes the content more accessible and the website more pleasant to visit. As a user you don’t have to download anything.

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