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Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Self Financing

Important changes to the way council housing is paid for

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Since April 2012, Enfield Council, along with all other councils who own housing stock, has had greater control over:

  • how your rent money is spent
  • what happens to your council housing
  • planning your local housing environment
  • the services you need and pay for

This is because the Government no longer asks councils to pay some of the rent collected each year back into a central pot for use in other parts of the country. Enfield Council now keeps all the rent money that it collects and uses it to improve how your homes are managed and maintained by Enfield Homes – and we hope that you have started to see the difference that this makes – your views and input to our plans continue to be welcomed.

What has happened since April 2012?

  • The Council has embarked on its ambitious Estate Renewal Programme – currently building schemes at Highmead, Ladderswood, Alma and New Avenue are progressing. A scheme known as “small sites” will also deliver more new homes in Enfield. For more information on these, please see links listed under Estate Development and Renewal to the left of this page.
  • Many homes have been improved using the additional funding that the Council now keeps from your rent and Greater London Authority Decent Homes Funding.
  • The Council has attracted eco-funding into Enfield.
  • The Council is an investment partner of the Greater London Authority – we will be working in partnership to deliver more homes.
  • A successful project to tackle tenancy fraud is underway.
  • We are helping tenants to understand and cope with the impact of Welfare Reform.
  • We have a new Housing Board, consisting of Enfield Council and Enfield Homes Members and officers, tenants, leaseholders and independents.
  • The HRA Tenancy Policy and HRA Rent Setting Policy have been agreed by the Council

Planning ahead for managing and maintaining Enfield’s council homes

Enfield Council has a HRA 30 year Business Plan and a HRA 30 year Asset Management Strategy, which set out the long term priorities and ambitions for council homes in the Borough. These include plans for investment in houses, flats and estates, and service improvements. They are published on the links below. There is also a five year Capital Works and Decent Homes funding programme, which gives more detail about how and where we will invest your rent in the first five years of the Business Plan – now that we are nearly two years into this programme, you will have seen a difference if your home was in the first two phases.

New to this page

The Council has agreed the attached HRA Tenancy Policy and HRA Rent Setting Policy below.

  • The Tenancy Policy proposes no change to current policy - all HRA tenants will continue to be offered secure tenancies. An updated Tenancy Agreement will be published by Enfield Homes soon.
  • The Rent Setting Policy proposes that all tenants continue to pay their rent based on National Social Rent Policy. The only variation to this will be where we can offer additional properties to new tenants who are able to pay a higher rent.

How do I have my say?

The Council will be continually updating its HRA plans and strategies on an ongoing basis and will consult with you as changes and opportunities present themselves.

If you want to make any comment about this page or the documents below, or ask about or comment on anything else regarding HRA Self Financing, please contact the HRA Governance Manager, Helen Waring

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Rent Policy

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This page was last updated on 23-Aug-2015.