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16/17 Housing Support Service

Published: Thursday, 24 May 2012

16/17 year olds Housing Support Service

Secured funding has been agreed to expand the pilot project at the Angel Community Centre into a core service, offering one open door to all homeless 16 / 17 year olds.

The line management of the service will sit within SCS and be managed by the Integrated Support Service. The established steering group will remain, to oversee service developments and address governance issues that may arise. The service has secured funding for 1 triage administrator and successful negotiations have resulted in the co-location of housing staff from John Wilkes House.

Enfield uses a pathways approach to tackling youth homelessness amongst 16 and 17 year olds. The approach is designed to move vulnerable young people through a pathway until they are able to live independently once they are 18, or into suitable supported 'move on' accommodation, until they are ready to manage independent living. Delivering such a package involves tailoring services specific to the young person's needs.

All young people would be initially assessed using CAF. Co-location of skilled staff from Adult Community Housing (homelessness officer from John Wilkes House) will work alongside the IST housing project manager and triage administrator enabling holistic assessments to be carried out for all presenting young people. Those young people that are not able to return to their communities but do not want to be accommodated will continue to be assessed via the CAF. Dependant upon need, these young people would be placed in appropriate supported accommodation.

It is expected that the Pan London Safeguarding Procedures are followed for any young person that has suffered or is likely to suffer sginifcant harm and a referral to Social Care would be expected. However if the safeguarding issues are not clear then please advise the young person to present to the Angel Community Centre. The Intergrated Support Service works very closely with colleagues in Social Care. Those young people, who present with complex needs, or request accommodating under the Children Act 1989 (Section 20,) will be assessed, by a Social Worker, moving from the CAF to a Core Assessment as appropriate.

At this moment in time we are still advising pregnant homeless 16 / 17 young people to present to John Wilkes House for accommodation, all other young people should present to the Angel Community Centre.