CAF and Referrals

Please note that with effect from the 7th October 2013, CAF forms have been replaced with Enfield Early Help Forms.

  • Refer to the Referral and Assessment Team at Charles Babbage House, using the 'Enfield Early Help Form' for all situations where there are Immediate risks of harm to children
  • Send any 'Early Help Forms' not being sent to Children's Social Care as explicit child protection referrals to CAF administration in line with the current arrangements
  • Use the 'Early Help Form' for all single inter-agency referrals (e.g. referral to education Welfare, CAMHS, Educations Psychology or Behaviour Support Service) by sending this to CAF administration as per current arrangements.

Child Protection Concerns should always be reported directly to Social Care without delay by telephone, followed by the request for assessment form. The speed of intervention in these cases should never be hindered by the Early Help process.

Some agencies may ask for a small amount of additional information to support the referral.

Practitioners should always remember to check whether a CAF already exists before completing an Early Help Form (CAF) for any reason.

Early Help (CAF) and Practitioners outside of the Children’s workforce

Only trained practitioners, who are part of the Children’s workforce should complete an Early Help Form. These are practitioners whose primary business is children and doesn’t include agencies who may come across children in the course of their work. Agencies who are not considered to be part of the children’s workforce include Adult Social Care, Adult Mental Health and Environmental Health. These agencies may need to make referrals into Children’s services sometimes and agencies should make alternative arrangements for them if 'Early Help' (CAF) is part of their referral process.

Some services, such as Housing and the Police have specialist children’s practitioners who are trained to complete Early Help Forms (CAFs). It is the responsibility of the service requesting the Early Help ( CAF) to check whether the practitioner has had Early Help (CAF) training.