Enfield Early Help (Previously Common Assessment Framework)

Enfield Early Help

What is CAF and Early Help?

The Common Assessment Framework is a standardised approach to conducting an assessment of a child's additional needs and deciding how those needs should be met. On the 7th October 2013 Enfield introduced a locally tailored and simplified version of the CAF, called 'Early Help'. It can be used by practitioners across children's services in Enfield to plan appropriate pro-active sole or multi-agency interventions. Early Help is a partnership between families and practitioners and is based on consent.

Why is an Early Help Form (CAF) needed?

'Early Help' will promote more effective, earlier identification of additional needs, particularly in universal services. It is intended to provide a simple process for a holistic assessment of a child's needs and strengths, taking account of the role of parents, carers and environmental factors on their development. Practitioners will then be better placed to agree, with the child and family, about what support is appropriate. 'Early Help' will also help to improve integrated working by promoting co-ordinated service provision.