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Early Help in Enfield (Previously CAF)

Enfield's vision is for all children and young people to have positive and safe life experiences, leading to a successful transition to adulthood and fulfilling their full potential. Children, young people and their families will be supported at the earliest possible point to prevent escalation of problems and difficulties.

Some children / families can get the support they need from services available to every one (for example, Health Visitors, GPs, etc.) These are often referred to as a 'Universal Services'. However, sometimes children / families may need more intense or specialised support. This is often referred to as 'Targeted Support' (for example, to deal with a family crisi or short-term health problem), or for a longer term arrangement (for example, when a child is born or diagnosed with a disability or learning difficulty.)

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) was introduced through the Children Act 2004 and is a valuable process in improving services to children and families, by making sure parents are fully engaged with an assessment of their child's needs and agree to the agencies / services that may be involved in. Enfield have introduced a locally tailored and simplified process called 'Early Help'.   

What difference will 'Early Help' make?

  • It can lead to a quick solution helping you to identify your whole family's need.
  • It will ensure everyone involved in supporting your family works together to make a difference, getting the right support to you as early as possible.
  • We will listen to your views and work with you to find a way forward.


It is confidential?

  • The information families provide will be shared with their consent. Sometimes for safeguarding reasons consent can be over ridden.
  • Sharing information through the Early Help Forms (CAF) means that families will not need to repeat their story to different professionals.
  • Information will be stored safely and securely in an electronic database.


How can I get help?

For further information, please contact the Community Parent Support Service on 020 8372 1500 or free phone from a land line on 0800 694 1066.