Enfield Safeguarding Children Board

Purpose and Functions of the ESCB

Enfield Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB) brings together local agencies that have a shared responsibility for promoting the wellbeing and ensuring the safety of children in Enfield. It is a multi-agency board for agreeing how different services and professional groups should co-operate to safeguard children in Enfield, and for making sure that arrangements work effectively to bring about good outcomes for children.

Section 11 of the Children Act 2004 places a statutory duty on specified agencies to make arrangements to ensure that they have regard to the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in exercising their functions. The ESCB must be able to form a view of the quality of local activity, to challenge organisations as necessary, and to speak with an independent voice. To facilitate this, the Enfield ESCB has developed a distinct identity within Enfield Children's Trust governance arrangements.

The safeguarding agenda is becoming bigger and is increasingly encompassing all aspects of children's lives ranging from safety in the home to going on school trips.

The Enfield Safeguarding Children Board relaunched their new look website on 4th November - Enfield Safeguarding Children Board Website

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