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Single Point of Entry (SPOE)

What is Single Point of Entry (SPOE)

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The SPOE is a multi-agency response designed to make it easier for professionals and agencies to access early targeted intervention and support when they have concerns about a child, young person or their family that requires a single / multi-agency response. The core members of the SPOE are Parent Support, Education Welfare, Social Care, Police and Health - they make up the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH.)This core group will jointly risk assess referrals and decide which service(s) need to be involved and where a multi-agency response is required, who should be the lead agency - ensuring we get it right first time. Download the SPOE Leaflet Here

Why are we doing this now?

The Munro report published January 2011 made clear recommendations that multi-agency working provided better safeguards for children by identifying co-ordinated early help to inhibit the escalation of need and to provide fewer and more appropriate referrals for social care.

An independent review of Enfield's Early Intervention Services in December 2010 recommended the development of a new Early Intervention Strategy for the borough to take account of the changing context in Enfield and consideration of the Graham Allen and Frank Field Reviews.

What are the benefits of working this way?

  • A focus on building resilience, reducing family breakdown and supporting / building independence.
  • Development of a robust service to screen all contacts and to get it right first time.
  • Sharing information between agencies becomes embedded as essential practice at referral stage leading to better informed decision making on whether early targeted intervention is required or whether an initial assessment is deemed necessary.
  • Improved risk management and child protection through intelligence sharing between the agencies within the hub.
  • A truly holistic approach to the first assessment of need.
  • A vehicle for swift and efficient assigning of appropriate targeted agency support.
  • Guidance and support around the completion of the Early Help Form and assistance with facilitating team around the child meetings.
  • Nomination of the appropriate Lead professional agency and agreeing the multi-agency targeted interventions required.
  • Strengthen partnership working, with a view to helping families access support earlier.
  • Management oversight of the entire range of need, enabling the service to manage demand better and to ensure a more consistent and efficient response.
  • Ability to analyse types of cases, evidence increasing demands and gaps in service and thereby influence future commissioning.
  • Regular and timely reviews of thresholds and practice.

Who makes up SPOE?

Who makes up SPOE
 Co-located Core
 Essential - Regular presence each week
Telephone Contact
 Children's Social Care

 Youth Support Service

(Gangs Action Group and Gang's Call-in accessed via YSS)

 Health - Safeguarding / Health visiting

 Youth Offending   Service

 Police Protection Desk
 St.Christophers Young Runaways Project
 Walk in Clinic*
 Education Welfare
 Parenting Support Service

 Children's Centres

Joint Service - Disability

Adult Disabilities Team

ECYPS (Third Sector)


London Probation Trust (MAPPA)

COMPASS (Substance misuse service)

Hidden Harm


Floating Support 

Teenage Pregnant Project (Access via Children's Centre's)

Domestic Violence Advisor


Westminster Drug Project

Where is SPOE based?

The SPOE is located on the 5th Floor, Civic Centre with co-located core members comprising the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub.